I received my bachelor’s degree with honors from Brown University and my master’s degree from Boston College. I acquired my clinical training at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School’s largest psychiatric affiliate, on an inpatient unit in the division of Anxiety and Mood Disorders. I also trained at the OCD Institute, the nation’s first and foremost treatment center for OCD. Before becoming a psychotherapist, I owned a wellness company in which I helped people heal from destructive relationships with food and nourishment and instead learn to eat and live according to their own values. I am also a longtime student of the Enneagram and enjoy using it as a tool for self-knowledge and growth.

Despite my fancy schmancy credentials, I’m actually a really laidback Californian who values authenticity and being real with people. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and moved to New England to go to college. There I met my husband, a rugged Florida native, and after graduating I dragged him with me to big cities like NYC and Boston. Fifteen years later, when COVID hit, we ditched city life and now live on a quiet, peaceful lake in the middle of Maine with our three little rescue dogs--Prince, Teddy, and Shoshana. Thanks to working virtually, I deal with the long winters by working from LA so I can soak up the sunshine and spend time with my family. When I’m not with clients, I’m most likely to be found listening to historical fiction audiobooks while cooking a delicious vegan dish, practicing yoga, or painting. I’m really into personal color analysis and love figuring out someone’s “best colors.” For my fellow typology nerds, I am an INFJ and a self-preservation 4.