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A 9-Week Training Course for OCD Specialists

"Truly one of the best learning experiences I have ever had."

--2023 Spring Cohort student

I teach a 9-week training course for therapists on Inference-based Therapy (IBT or I-CBT), an evidence-based treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder that doesn't require clients to do exposures and instead focuses on their thought process and self-doubt. While there is a clinician's manual on I-CBT available and great trainers who teach the manual, I created an original curriculum that moves beyond the manual to meet the needs of a range of learning styles. I do this so that YOU as a learner can understand the material in the way that makes the most sense! I also do this so that you get the tools you need to explain this material to CLIENTS in the ways that make the most sense to them. Being a good I-CBT therapist means being a good teacher which means that we as therapists have to be able to explain things in a variety of ways. What clicks with one client will fall flat with another so the plethora of original visuals, metaphors, videos, articles, examples, and exercises you will receive in my class will be priceless. I value being neurodivergent-friendly in the way that I teach and in the materials I provide.  

"Taking Kate Goldhouse's I-CBT training was a great investment in my professional development. Before I took her training I had spent months on self-study yet did not feel confident enough in my abilities with I-CBT to join in conversations with colleagues or work with clients. Her training was both fun and immediately useable in my practice and has given me the foundation to continue to grow in my understanding of I-CBT. I highly recommend this training!" 


---Elizabeth DuPont Spencer, LCSW-C

Co-Owner, Anxiety Training

Regardless of whether you're someone who has already read the manual and taken other trainings or someone whose only knowledge of I-CBT is that it exists, you will find the course beneficial. This is because my goal isn't to translate the manual but to teach you the concepts. The benefit of this approach is that you learn how to use I-CBT with flexibility based on what each particular client needs rather than being bound by a specific order of treatment. Both seasoned I-CBT practitioners and those just beginning their journey tell me this course gave them a clarity and depth of understanding they wouldn't have found anywhere else.


A step-by-step guide to applying I-CBT with clients in every session

Hundreds of original graphics, metaphors, and case examples

Copies of slides from every class for your review and reference

Engaging PowerPoints to use with your clients to explain every concept

Access to class recordings in case you have to miss a class

Demonstrations and therapist scripts

Opportunities to practice and receive feedback

Neurodivergent-friendly explanations and materials

9.0 CEU's (ASWB-approved)* and a certificate of completion

"I absolutely loved your course. I love the way you organize the material, all the examples you provide, your thoughtful and comfortable demeanor, and the way you answer questions. It truly was one of the best learning experiences I have had."

2024 DATES

Winter Cohort: January 9 - March 5

Spring Cohort: April 30 - June 25

TUESDAYS @ 12-1pm ET/9-10am PT


Summer Cohort: January 11 - March 7

Autumn Cohort: April 25 - June 20

THURSDAYS @ 11am-noon Sydney-time

Live Online I-CBT Training for Clinicians

* Approved for 9.0 by the ASWB. Additionally, most state licensing board will accept courses recognized by other state licensing boards, but please check your state's rules to be sure!

** No class the week of Thanksgiving 

Payment Options:

One-time payment of $800USD

Two payments of $400USD (over two months)

Five payments of $165USD (over five months)


Signing up is simple. Just text 857-321-8816 with the following:


- your name

- your email

- the cohort you would like to join

- payment plan choice (see payment options above)

You will then receive a text with a request from IvyPay for payment.

Once payment is received, you will be officially enrolled!


Clinical consultations

I am happy to offer individual consultation for clinicians seeking specialized attention on cases utilizing an I-CBT lens or for clinicians who find they are struggling with an I-CBT concept and need some one-on-one help. I charge $100 for a 60-minute meeting. Please inquire about availability using the contact button below. 

If you are interested in being part of a small monthly consultation group, please reach out and include the days and times you are available in your message. 

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