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Individual therapy


Regardless of what you are dealing with in life, therapy is a good idea. I don’t say that as someone who benefits from everyone going to therapy (after all, I can only see so many people). I say it as someone who has been educated in the complexities of the human heart. Whether it’s shame, insecurity, regret, self-doubt, loneliness, anger, disappointment, or sorrow, we all have pain. We all go through crises. We all suffer losses and grieve. We all go through changes in life and have doubts about the future. And we all fail. 

There is no reason to go through difficult experiences alone.

Our relationship will be special because it will be all about YOU. Your emotions, your thoughts, your secrets, your areas of growth, your hang ups, and your goals are always the topic of conversation. Even if you have fantastic, supportive friends and family, they can’t give you full attention every time you are together, nor can they provide the objective wisdom of someone with specific training to help you. As a psychotherapist, I am able to give you guidance, skills, self-knowledge, and an unbiased perspective that no one else in your life can.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
—Maya Angelou

In therapy, you will become aware of just how much strength and beauty you have, and it’s a lot more than you thought. I will help you see things about yourself and your life that you never saw before, both good and bad. There may be moments where you confront parts of yourself that you didn’t want to see. But awareness of them allows you to choose between shedding them with conviction or owning them with grace. Awareness gives you the choice. And that’s what therapy is about. That’s my agenda. To clear all the rubbish getting in the way of your ability to make choices, accept yourself, and live the life you want. 


For information on fees and payment, see FAQs.

Here are some of the issues that we can work on:

If you’re ready to start healing and growing so you can live the life and have the relationships you want, I can help. 

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